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08/25/2022 - L22-07179
5558 STATE HWY 265

It was reported that the subject was drunk and beating her boyfriend. When deputies arrived on scene the subject came to the door and was visibly intoxicated and smelled of alcohol. Deputies attempted to ask the subject what had happened and she was not cooperative. The subject continued to not make any sense due to her level of intoxication. The subject was detained.

Eventually, the subject stated that she had been drinking and that she and the other parties had a disagreement. She continued to refuse to give further information about the situation. The subject then began making comments about we are only contacting her and messing with her life due to her being "Brown."

Deputies located the victim  at another campsite. The victim had been texting 911 stating that he was hiding nearby.

The victim did have an injury to his left hand and was bleeding. 

The victim stated that he was sleeping and that he was woken up to the subject standing over him and punching him in the back of the head.  He stated that he had got up and tried to get away. Once he was able to get away, he had ran to the campground office. While he was in the office, the subject had then came to the office and was outside beating on the windows and door and was screaming.

The subject was placed into custody and transported to the Stone County Jail. Upon arrival at the Stone County Jail, the subject was turned over to jail staff. The subject was put on a 24-hour hold for Domestic Assault 2nd Degree. The subject was not cooperative with Law Enforcement and was acting in a belligerent manner at the scene, during transport, and at the jail. A Probable Cause statement was submitted.