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08/28/2022 - L22-07287
2479 E 248

Central dispatch notified a deputy that the reporting party received a notification on her cell phone through Ring Doorbell of some movement inside her residence. The RP reviewed her home camera's through her cell phone device, she saw an unknown white male, wearing a black cut-off t-shirt, blue jeans, boots, and a red mask inside her residence.

When the deputy arrived the unknown suspect male had already left the residence. As the deputy viewed the camera footage, he observed a male gain forced entry into the residence through the backside of the residence. While inside, the unknown male start to check around the bedroom, working his way further into the residence. The deputy believed he recognized the subject based on the tattoo's visible. 

The RP reported the following damage, a broken window/door from home (value at $750.00) and a broken window in her shop (value at $250.00). The RP also wished to file the following items as stolen, a tin cake pan full of change (valued at $50.00 U.S currency) and some costume jewelry (valued at $100.00).

A suspect was identified and the deputy made contact but the suspect was not detained. A Probable Cause statement was submitted to the Stone County Prosecuting Attorney's Office.