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Crime Map Details

09/02/2022 - L22-07418
LAMPE, MO 65681

The reporting party stated that her husband was drunk and fighting. Upon arrival, the RP had advised the deputy that the suspect had been drinking and started yelling at his son because of a song he was playing. The RP stepped in between the suspect and his son to attempt to defuse the situation. At that time, the suspect had pushed the RP causing her to knock the air fryer off the counter, breaking it. The son then pushed the suspect away from his mother, the RP. The suspect then stormed towards his room and the oldest son grabbed the suspect and took him to the ground.

The older son stated that reason he took him to the ground was because he had believed the suspect was going to get a weapon. He stated that the suspect is the kind of person to get a weapon and has a violent tendency. The RP said she can't deal with his drinking and out bursts anymore and wants him gone. The RP also stated that she is in fear of the suspect when he is drinking.

The suspect was placed in handcuffs. The suspect then started stumbling and then fainted and fell to the ground and began throwing up. The deputy removed the handcuffs. The suspect then started complaining of chest pain and stated that his left arm was numb.

Medics were requested to the scene. The suspect then caused himself to have an asthma attack. Eventually, the suspect relaxed and fell asleep. Medics arrived on scene and checked the suspect out and decided to transport him to the hospital due to his complaints. The RP stated that she had planned to file for an Ex-Parte against the suspect.

A Probable Cause statement has been submitted.