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Stealing & Drug Possession


James Strickler mugshot
At approximately 1:00 am last Friday morning, while on routine patrol, Deputy Taylor Jenkins noticed an occupied black in color 1997 Dodge Dakota Truck parked in the parking lot of Rantz’s Gas Station, which was closed for the business day.
Deputy Jenkins pulled over roadside to observe the truck and occupant, when the driver of the truck then drove to Deputy Jenkins location and approached the patrol car.
Upon contact with the driver, identified as James Strickler, Deputy Jenkins was told by Mr. Strickler “ he knew he was going to be pulled over.” When asked why, Mr. Strickler stated that his truck would come back as reported stolen. Deputy Jenkins then provided the driver and vehicle information to the dispatch center, and was told that the truck was reported stolen out of Springfield. Upon further investigation it was determined that the driver was the registered owner of the truck. Deputy Jenkins noted several items in the bed of the truck, and Mr. Strickler stated he was moving from the Springfield area to Branson West.
Deputy Jenkins then asked Mr. Strickler what he was doing parked in the parking lot. Mr. Strickler stated that he was washing off his shoes at the car wash. Deputy Jenkins allowed Mr. Strickler to leave.
Deputy Jenkins then went to the area where Mr. Strickler stated he was washing his shoes and found a bag with several items that appeared to match some items seen in the truck bed. Deputy Jenkins then checked the surrounding area and found some cabling that matched the type he found from the bag, locked within a vehicle that was parked outside the Eagle Eyes Automotive.
Deputy Jenkins then placed a stop and hold bulletin out on Mr. Strickler’s truck, until he could establish that the vehicle with the cabling had been broken into. Deputy Jenkins made contact with the owner of Eagle Eyes Automotive and had him come out and verify the items found were his and had been stolen. These items were positively identified.
At this time Deputy Forrest had located Mr. Strickler and had stopped him. Deputy Jenkins had the owner of Eagle Eyes Automotive accompany him to Mr. Strickler’s truck, where he was able to identify an item belonging to him in the truck bed. Mr. Strickler was then placed under arrest.
During a vehicle inventory search conducted before the tow company took possession of the truck, Deputy Jenkins located approximately 20grams of Methamphetamine as well as related drug paraphernalia under the driver’s seat. The vehicle was then towed to the Sheriff’s Office where a search warrant was executed on the vehicle.
Mr. James Strickler, Male, White and 41 years of age, was booked into Stone County Jail and charged as follows:
Poss of Controlled Substance Except 35G >MJ and Possession with Intent to Distribute
Bond is $250,000 Cash or Surety, Mr. Strickler remains in custody of the Stone County Jail
Additional charges may be pending.
Richard L. Hill, Sheriff
Stone County Sheriff’s Office