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Wanted for Assault 1st


Marcus Brent Reel mugshot
Stone County Sheriff’s Office
Press Release
Early this morning, the Stone County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call that involved a man stating that he had been assaulted. The assault occurred near the intersection of Swinging Bridge Road and Grisham Ford Road, and was reported to 911 personnel approximately 45 minutes after the assault occurred.
The victim, a male white 45 years of age from Crane, stated that the suspect, identified as Marcus Brent Reel, 10-22-1971 Male White assaulted him by pointing a semi automatic pistol at him and pulling the trigger, producing only an audible click. The suspect then switched to a knife since the firearm did not function. A struggle ensued during which the suspect twice attempted to cut the victim's neck with a hunting knife.
The victim said the suspect struck him in the face and head with his fist several times during the assault. The victim said that one of his fingers had almost been cut off when he held his hands up for defense while the suspect made slashing motions at him with the knife.
Responding deputies observed what appeared to be a deep laceration to the index finger on the victim's left hand. On the victim’s right cheek, he had a raised area that had split open and bled onto his cheek. The victim also had an area on his lower lip that had been split.
There were also signs of bruising injuries to the top of the victim's head, his left rib area, and his back. The victim stated that he and the suspect have had an ongoing long term feud, and believed he was assaulted due to their past history.
Marcus Reel had left the scene prior to the arrival of emergency personnel. Several deputies conducted a search throughout the area, but they were unable to locate Reel.
Marcus Reel has been charged with two counts of Felony 1st Degree Assault with Weapons involved, two counts Felony Armed Criminal Action. His bond is set at $1,000,000 cash or surety.
Stone County Sheriff’s Office is asking if anyone see’s Marcus Reel to please call 911 immediately, do not attempt to make contact yourself, Reel is considered armed and dangerous.
Sheriff Richard L. Hill
Stone County