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Bomb Threat


On April 10th, at approximately 9 AM, the Stone County Emergency Services 911 Dispatch Center received a phone which eluded there was possibly a bomb at the Stone County Law Enforcement Center in Galena.  Dispatch then notified the Deputies and the State Patrol as to the nature of the call.  After speaking with the Stone County Commissioners, it was determined it would be safer to close the County Offices then risk injury to an employee or to a citizen who was conducting county business.  The Stone County Courthouse and the Stone County Law Court System was then evacuated until it could be deemed safe.


Stone County Sheriffs Offices contacted the Springfield Mo Police Department and Fire Department who put their bomb squad on standby incase an explosive device was located.  Jasper County Sheriff’s Department sent their Explosive Canine to Stone County to assist in the search of the building.  Deputies conducted a visual search of the building and determined there was nothing suspicious and then when the Canine arrived a thorough search of the building was performed.  As of 1:30 in the afternoon, the building was deemed safe and the Sheriff’s Office went back to normal business.  The other agencies will remain closed for the rest of the day and resume normal business on April 11th.


Stone County Detectives are actively investigating the phone call and following leads developed as the day progressed.


The Stone County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank the Springfield Police Department, Springfield Fire Department, Jasper County Sheriff’s Office, and the Mo State Highway Patrol for their support during this incident.

Sheriff Doug Rader

Stone County Missouri