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Drug Arrest, Justin Scott


On April 17th, 2013, Stone County Deputies were at a residence at  35 Lewallen Lane, in Branson West speaking to the occupant. While they were speaking, another individual, climbed out a bedroom window and fled the premises in the woods behind the house.  Deputies then pursued him south from the residence.

The suspect fled through the woods and ran underneath State Hwy 13 in the drainage tunnel.  While running through the tunnel, he sustained head lacerations from hitting his head on the roof.  When he exited the south side of the tunnel, he crouched down behind a log and was later apprehended at that location without any trouble.  After he was taken into custody, methamphetamine paraphernalia was located on his person.

Medical personell from Mercy Ambulance Service and Firemen from Southern Stone County Fire Protection District were called to assist him and to help carry him from the ravine. 

At the residence where he fled from, a back pack was located which was identified as his.  Inside the back pack deputies located methamphetamine, methamphetamine paraphernalia, portable scales and a methamphetamine pipe.

The individual was identified as Justin Morgan Scott, a 24 yr old male from Republic, Missouri.  Justin Morgan Scott was transported to Mercy Hospital where he was treated for his injuries and then brought back to Stone County Jail on a Probation and Parole Warrant and on local drug charges.  On April 18th, Stone County Prosecutor filed possession of methamphetamine charges on him.  He is currently being incarcerated at Stone County on the following charges:

Probation and Parole Warrant with no bond

Class C Felony Possession of Controlled Substance.