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Press Release on Pursuit


On July 22nd, 2013, A Stone County Deputy observed a grey in color Chevy SUV northbound on Highway 13 driving erratically and with no plates.  The Deputy made a traffic stop on the vehicle on Highway 13 just south ofStonebridge Center Road.  As he was approaching the vehicle, the driver sped off turning ontoStonebridge Center Road.  The Deputy called dispatch and told them he was in pursuit. 


The SUV traveled onto Old Highway 13 and drove south towardsKimberlingCity.  As it was traveling throughKimberlingCityit was reaching speeds in excess of 100 mph.  Kimberling City Officers then assisted in the pursuit.  As the vehicle leftKimberlingCity, it struck a northbound vehicle while it was crossing theKimberlingBridge.  The vehicle then continued south on Highway 13.  The pursuit went to Baxter and the SUV drove through ditches avoiding stop sticks then turned south on Hwy 13.

The vehicle then drove south and turned onto Hwy 86 where it continued to Hwy 39 where it turned north.  The vehicle continued north onto Hwy 39 into Barry County where it made contact with a southbound vehicle in an area just north of Hwy 76 on Hwy 39.  During this incident, a Stone County Deputy made contact with the suspect vehicle which forced him off the roadway and into a tree.  The vehicle then continued north on Highway 39 and turned back east on Hwy EE.  The vehicle then continued east on EE to Hwy 76 where it turned east and drove back intoStoneCounty.  When the vehicle entered intoCapeFair, the vehicle turned north onto 173 and drove towards Cross Roads. At Cross Roads, Stone County Deputies, Missouri Highway Patrol and Crane Officers set up stop sticks to try and stop the vehicle.  The SUV again drove through ditches and around patrol cars.  The SUV did strike another patrol car.  The SUV did suffer a blown tire from stop sticks.


The SUV then traveled on Hwy 248 towardsGalenathe rear tire went flat and the tread separated from the rim.  The vehicle continued towardsGalenaand turned south ontoMcCord Bend Road. The vehicle continued towards McCord Bend and drove through part of McCord Bend and then headed back out towards Hwy 248.  Deputies again set up stop sticks in the roadway onMcCord Bend Road.  As the vehicle approached the stop sticks, it drove off the road way to avoid them. This caused the vehicle to lose control and it crossed back into the roadway and ran off the opposite side and struck a tree.  As the vehicle struck the tree, Kimberling City Patrol Vehicle positioned itself at the rear of the vehicle so it could not leave.  The driver then exited the vehicle and was taken into custody.


During the incident the vehicle had reached speeds in excess of 100 miles an hour on multiple occasions.  Missouri State Patrol took control of the accident scenes and did a complete investigation.  The driver of the vehicle, a 26 yr old Hispanic female fromColorado, was taken into custody and transported to the Stone County Jail.

The subject had caused numerous incidents during the pursuit and had hit three patrol cars.  Two vehicles belonging toStoneCountyreceived extensive damage and one belonging toKimberlingCityreceived minor damage.  One Stone County Deputy was transported toCoxHospitalinSpringfieldwhere he was treated and released with minor injuries he received in the accident.

Stone County Detectives applied for and obtained a search warrant for the contents of the vehicle and during the search of the vehicle recovered methamphetamine, stolen mail, stolen paychecks, stolen prescriptions, burglary tools and drug paraphernalia. After running a check on the vehicle it was discovered it had been reported stolen from Coloradoon July 13th of 2013.


This investigation is continuing and expect charges later on today.


Sheriff Doug Rader