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Crane Burglary



On Tuesday, May 9th, Stone County Deputies responded to the address of 104 Industrial Drive, Crane, Missouri, commonly known as Five Star Manufacturing, for the report of an overnight burglary.  When Deputies arrived on scene, they located the business in disarray, with items thrown throughout the business and some spray paint on the door. 

Deputies conducted a thorough investigation and found information leading them to question an individual in Crane.  When the Deputies arrived at his residence,  they made contact with a male individual.  After questioning him, he told them he had been at the business and had committed the crime.  He was then taken into custody and transported to the Stone County Jail.  A Probable Cause Statement was presented to the Prosecuting Attorney and formal charges are expected to be filed sometime in the early morning on May 10th.

On May 10th, 2017, the case was reviewed by the Stone County Prosecutor.  Some of the facts of the case that led the Detectives to the suspect were:

During the investigation, the suspects name was written on the wall and on notebooks in the office.   When the victims did not know who the individual (name on wall and notebook) was, Detectives located his residence and went to speak with him.  When they made contact with the suspect, he admitted he was at Five Star Manufacturing the night before.  He was then detained, handcuffed and mirandized.  He then stated he did the burglary because "It seemed like the thing to do" and also stated to the Detectives "I want to show everyone I can do what I want when I want".  He then led the Detectives to a location near the Business where he had hidden the stolen property from the business.  Other items from the business were located at his residence.  He was then taken to the Stone County Jail and booked in on a 24 hour hold for Burglary.

Based on the above facts, the Prosecuting Attorney filed the following charges on the suspect:

Matthew Carney, from 608 Compton Ave, Crane, Missouri, a White Male, 25 years of age,

Burglary in the Second Degree, Class D Felony. 

Matthew Carney remains incarcerated at the Stone County Jail on a bond of $50,000 Cash Only.

Based on the Probable Cause Statement, other charges may be filed at a later date during the Court Process.


Sheriff Doug Rader

Stone County Sheriff's Office