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Animal Abuse


On March 16th, Stone County Detectives went to 354 Holts Spring Road, near Hurley, MO in regards to a report of possible Animal Abuse and Neglect.

When the investigator arrived at the location and tried to make contact with the owner of the dogs, he observed numerous dogs tethered with no accessible food or water. He then knocked on the front door of the residence and could detect a strong foul odor of what he believed to be feces and urine coming from the home. He did observe at least thirteen dogs running loose and free inside the residence, with several of the dogs that appeared to be emaciated. He also observed an abundance of feces and trash covering the floor.

Based on the observations made by the detective, a Search Warrant application was written and a warrant was obtained to Inspect, Care for and or Impound Neglected or Abused Animals.

On this date, with the assistance of the Humane Society of Missouri, Stone County Investigators served the warrant. A total of 55 dogs were located on the residence, with several being emaciated. Over 20 of the dogs were located inside the home, and two small puppies were found inside the home that needed immediate care. In searching the outside grounds, a plastic storage container was located which contained 11 deceased dogs ranging from newborn to adult age.

These animals were taken by the Humane Society of Missouri to be cared for and thoroughly examined. A disposition hearing for the animals is scheduled for later this month.

Richard L. Hill
Sheriff, Stone County

In reference to the animal rescue in Hurley, Mo on March 22, the Stone County Prosecutor filed 12 Counts of Animal Abuse, a Class A Misdemeanor on Judy Lee Chambers, age 65 of the Holt Springs address.

Chambers is scheduled to appear for an Animal Disposition Hearing on March 31st, and is scheduled for court on April 20 in regards to the Animal Abuse charges.