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Accidental Shooting


Saturday evening, July 17th, Stone County Deputies responded to 74437 State Hwy AA in regards to a 50 year old male subject that had accidently shot himself.

When deputies arrived, they found that the subject had accidently shot himself in the lower left side of his jaw with the bullet traveling upward. He was transported to a Springfield hospital where it was determined that the bullet was lodged somewhere near the left ear.

While deputies were on scene, they observed several items of interest including what appeared to be homemade suppressor for various rifles and handguns. This information was taken and a Search Warrant was applied for and received. Also at the home, items that were believed could be used to manufacture explosive devices were located.

The Division of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms was notified and responded to the residence. During the execution of the Search Warrant, three rifles and one handgun were taken, along with some suspected narcotic paraphernalia. ATF took two commercial fireworks mortars that appeared to have been altered along with some detonation cord.

At this time, no further information is available as this investigation is ongoing.

Richard L. Hill
Sheriff, Stone County