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At approximately 10:45 PM, yesterday December 13th, Stone County deputies responded to 196 Jami, Reeds Spring, MO in regards to an individual that had been shot. When deputies arrived, they found a 40 year old male subject on the front porch that had been shot several times.

First Responders and paramedics arrived on scene, and the victim of the shooting was air-lifted to a Springfield hospital.

From statements given at the scene, the victim, who is a neighbor, had been drinking, and had been involved in a domestic disturbance earlier in the day with his girlfriend. Just prior to the shooting, the girlfriend of the victim went to her sister's residence which was next door. It was reported that the victim followed her over to the residence. Once he reached the front door, he found the door locked. When the occupants of the residence of the home would not open the door, the victim reportedly kicked in the door to gain access. Witnesses stated that the victim was intoxicated, and had a knife in his hands. Once he kicked in the front door, the 39 year old male occupant of the residence began shooting at the victim, striking him seven times. The victim fell back onto the front porch where he remained until deputies arrived.

The victim is currently at St. Johns hospital in Critical Condition.

No arrests have been made at this time. This investigation is continuing.