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Internet Chat Room Sting


News Release

Saturday, December 17th, Christopher Allen Downs, dob 9-29-84 was arrested in Seattle, Washington when he arrived from his duty station in Okinawa, Japan. Downs was arrested on a Stone County Warrant for Sexual Misconduct or Attempt Involving a Child Under 15, a Class D Felony.

This arrest comes after an investigation that began on April 27th, when an undercover Stone County Deputy posing as an underage female was contacted in an internet "chat room". Downs is accused of sending nude photographs of himself to the undercover deputy.

Downs was serving in the United States Marine Corps and stationed in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina when this investigation began. He was deployed the Okinawa, prior to his identity being known. Stone County deputies worked closely with NCIS to locate Downs and have him shipped back to the states where he was arrested.

Stone County authorities are waiting to see if Downs will sign a Waiver of Extradition. His bond is currently set at $15,000.

Richard L. Hill, Sheriff
Stone County