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Alleged Bomb Threat at Hurley Public School


Today at approximately 09:35 am, the Stone County 911 Center received a call from the Hurley public school about an alleged bomb threat. The school was placed on lockdown status until the situation could be clarified.

Stone County Deputies were dispatched to the last known location of the suspect. The suspect was found walking on Old Wire Road east of State Highway 413, located north of Crane Missouri.

During the course of the investigation it was discovered that the suspect had sustained a head injury several days earlier, causing him to behave irrationally at times. After Stone County Deputies thoroughly investigated the situation, it was determined that the suspect was not a threat to public safety, and had not made any specific threats directed at the Hurley School.

Due to the suspect’s behavior and a concern for his well being, he was transported to Cox Hospital for medical evaluation.

Richard L. Hill, Sheriff
Stone County