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Jail Division

Captain Dustin Johnson

143 Captain
Dustin Johnson

As the Jail and Court Security Administrator, it is my goal and privilege to ensure that we consistently provide a healthy and highly safe environment for all those who work or who are incarcerated within the Stone County Jail.

My staff and I are highly trained, experienced, and dedicated professional law enforcement officers. Each and every one of us takes our respective responsibilities very seriously and we are all very proud to serve the citizens of Stone County.

The Stone County Jail complies with all legal requirements concerning the condition and operation of our jail. We constantly work to improve the quality of service that we provide.

If you should have any questions or suggestions regarding the operation of the Stone County Jail or Court Security staffing, please feel free to contact me or one of my supervisors.

Stone County Sheriff's Office
Jail Administrator


Sergeant Randall Bennett

144 Sergeant
Randall Bennett

Corporal Jon Latta

129 Corporal
Jon Latta

Corporal Jackson Kirk

178 Corporal
Jackson Kirk

Corporal Gary McDaniel

183 Corporal
Gary McDaniel

Deputy Ron Kelley

151 Deputy
Ron Kelley

Deputy Barney Munhollon

158 Deputy

Deputy Barney Munhollon

165 Deputy
Barney Munhollon

Jailer Austin Tate

170 Deputy
Austin Tate

Deputy to be hired

171 Deputy
Matilda Wolfe

Deputy Christian Willcockson

173 Deputy
Christian Willcockson

Deputy Shawn Carlton

176 Deputy
Shawn Carlton

Jailer Chris Parton

179 Deputy
Chris Parton

Jailer Brandon Williams

C154 Jailer
Brandon Williams

Jailer Ashton Canfield

C166 Jailer
Ashton Canfield

Jailer Brandon Williams

C169 Jailer
Rylie Ward

Jailer Brandon Williams




In Memory Of

Jail Chaplain Harold Stanley

Harold Stanley
Jail Chaplain


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