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Patrol Division

6 Sheriff patrol vehicles parked on grass in a row


Captain Matthew Cornelison

150 Captain
Matthew Cornelison


We want to do our best to keep you and your families safe. We encourage any input or information you might have to help us do our job more effectively. As the most visible division of the Stone County Sheriff's Office, we strive for excellence in every facet of our job duties. We are responsible for covering 463 square miles of territory. We currently employ 19 deputies in the patrol division, which consists of four patrol Sergeants and 15 patrol deputies. Those 19 deputies have the task of responding to calls for service, both emergency calls and non-emergency calls, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We do our best to provide the fastest response as possible to those calls. We believe that every call we respond to is very important and will do everything the law allows to assist in finding a solution to the situation.


Sergeant Dustin Wells

132 Sergeant
Dustin Wells

Sergeant Mark Rinker

134 Sergeant
Mark Rinker

Sergeant Zachary Cuzzort

155 Sergeant
Zachary Cuzzort

Sergeant Paul Algya

156 Sergeant
Paul Algya

Corporal Michael Merenghi

160 Corporal
Michael Merenghi

Corporal Billy Frisbie

123 Corporal
Billy Frisbie

Corporal Christian Urbina

141 Corporal
Christian Urbina

Corporal Caleb Leimkuehler

159 Corporal
Caleb Leimkuehler

Stone County Sheriff Badge

163 Deputy
Ashley Dean

Deputy Devon Stegeman

126 Deputy
Devon Stegeman

Deputy Dakota Romseburg

127 Deputy
Dakota Romseburg

Deputy Kyle Rhea

131 Deputy
Kyle Rhea

Placeholder for Deputy Clint Gregory

138 Deputy
Clint Gregory

Deputy Nathan Huston

145 Deputy
Nathan Huston

Deputy Kyle Stults

147 Deputy
Kyle Stults

Deputy Kyle Colman

149 Deputy
Kyle Colman

Deputy Wyatt Givens

153 Deputy
Wyatt Givens

Deputy Stephen Nelson.jpg

128 Deputy
Stephen Nelson

Deputy Bruce Nolan

161 Deputy
Bruce Nolan

Placeholder image for an unannounced deputy

163 Deputy


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