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Patrol Division

Captain Matt Cornelison

150 Captain
Matt Cornelison

My staff and I are highly trained, experienced, and dedicated professional law enforcement officers. Each and every one of us takes our respective responsibilities very seriously and we are all very proud to serve the citizens of Stone County.

If you should have any questions or suggestions regarding the operation of the Stone County Patrol staffing, please feel free to contact me or one of my supervisors.

Stone County Sheriff's Office




124 Clint Caperton
134 Mark Rinker
155 Zachary Cuzzort
156 Paul Algya
159 Caleb Leimkuehler


123 Billy Frisbie
133 Kellyn Bailey                  138 Clint Gregory                160 Michael Merenghi


112 Chris Parton
113 Austin Tate                  114 Faith Houghton  
116 Ashton Canfield            119 Randy Labrier 
118 Ethan Newbold
125 Ashley Dean
131 Kyle Rhea
136 Randy Kalbaugh
140 Quinnlyn Jenkins
153 Wyatt Givens
163 Brent Curran


145 Cpl. Nathan Huston







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